We are an Overseas Employment Agency which has been supplying qualified labor for overseas companies since 1994. We are a workforce recruiting agency with a strong presence in Pakistan.

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Office No.5, first floor, Potohar plaza, 8-A, Fazul-ul-haq road, Near PIA head office, blue area, Islamabad


Manpower Recruitment

Since 1994, Supra Enterprises has emerged as one of Pakistan's leading workforce recruitment agencies. We are proud of our unparalleled professionalism and ability to fulfill sophisticated needs promptly. Supra Enterprises has gained the trust of its clients because of its creative recruiting techniques and hardened instincts polished over decades of experience.

We value communication

We do our best to develop proper communication with our clients, always being in touch with their queries and concerns. This minor but vital step helps us accomplish what we promise, “Right man for the right job.”
Under the Immigration Act Manpower Recruitment on Behalf of Overseas Employers, the Government of Pakistan has established certain restrictions.
We have included the steps for your convenience and assistance as you go through the procedure. You will need to fulfill the following requirements.

Communication is key. We prioritize understanding the client company’s philosophy and values, enabling us to tailor the workforce according to the required needs. We locate productive individuals who are perfect for vacancies to help the company achieve its strategic goals.

Our proprietary approach

Supra Enterprises aims to ensure a smooth, swift, and hassle-free process. We handle all the operations from identification, interviews, paperwork, travel documents to finally sending the recruit to the company. Our omniscient outlook ensures whether the company is large or small, we meet their needs and demands with the same importance.
You must have your Medical Test performed by a Medical Center approved by the Gulf at a fee of Rs 2,300, which you must pay.
If you are declared medically unfit, Supra Enterprises will take no further action concerning your Visa Processing.

Our unique procedure

Our recruiting methodology differs from regular hiring managers and recruiters who follow the standard textbook criteria. Talent acquisition requires expertise and know-how in finding talent. Supra’s communication, expertise, professionalism, and execution are the reason why countless clients keep returning for their future recruiting needs.

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