We are an Overseas Employment Agency which has been supplying qualified labor for overseas companies since 1994. We are a workforce recruiting agency with a strong presence in Pakistan.

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Office No.5, first floor, Potohar plaza, 8-A, Fazul-ul-haq road, Near PIA head office, blue area, Islamabad

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Data Bank (USP)

Supra features a vast data bank that contains complete job profiles and track records of over fifty thousand workers in different skills and professions. All these records are available for overseas companies in our database, where they are most likely to find their ideal worker. Under the Immigration Act Manpower Recruitment on Behalf of Overseas Employers, the Government of Pakistan has established certain restrictions. We have included the steps for your convenience and assistance as you go through the procedure. You will need to fulfill the following requirements.

Contact with Institutions

Fresh, budding, and energetic graduates make enthusiastic workers, which can increase a company’s productivity by many folds. We regularly contact Universities, Colleges, and Technical institutions that cherry-pick top talent capable of undertaking complex and sophisticated jobs.
You must have your Medical Test performed by a Medical Center approved by the Gulf at a fee of Rs 2,300, which you must pay.
If you are declared medically unfit, Supra Enterprises will take no further action concerning your Visa Processing.


When the need arises, we advertise your required needs in widely circulated newspapers across the country. We collect, review and assess the resumes received from prospective candidates. We further ensure screening by requiring candidates to take a trade test before proceeding with the interview, which is conducted by our interviewing teams.

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